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My name is Akshay H Jain (AJ). I have created this website just to promote myself and the various things i do..i love to explore new things and especially creative things..I have always fantasized about growing by doing something new or something different.I keep a keen intrest in doing new things and to promote them to as many people as possible i have made up this website so that i can reach a large chunk of people..


I live with my Family in Bangalore and have completed my studies (Bcom Honours) from Jain University and i like to do creative things and keep growing in life..I have keen intrest in learning and growing in life in what so ever field possible..

List of my creative things that i do

  • #Photography
  • #Video Editting
  • #Photoshop Editting
  • #Mosaic Frames
  • #Name in the pic
  • #Caricature editting
  • #Poetry
  • #Newspaper Times
  • #handmade photo frame
  • #handmade gift ideas
  • #personal profile cv
  • #And many more Creative things


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